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Crossman on Leadership:
This was titled Crossman's Theory of Management until I read the Effective Executive by Peter Drucker. He states "you manage things, you lead people."

Every leader has a unique style. This is ours:

Useful communication is imperative to a winning team. If you are not honest with yourself and your teammates, then you are not contributing to the success of the team. Remember, the key word here is honesty,not cruelty. You may have to depend on your teammates to help you out one day.
On Leadership:
Everyone leads.
Leadership is not ownership.
Every team will have its own style.

Every computer program needs a plan. Every project needs a plan. Every account needs a plan. Every business needs a plan. Without a plan, you do not know where you are heading or if you have done a good job. Plans should not be elaborate. They should state the objective, resources available, goals, milestones and activities. You have to know where you are heading, or you won't know when you get there. The plan must be available to the people responsible for implementing it.

Empowerment is a two step process.
Opportunities have to be available for people to grow...and those people have to take the responsibility to grow with that opportunity. I have learned from experience that projects (and companies) fail when one person attempts to do all the growing. I strongly believe in letting people make their own successes and mistakes. When you are not growing, you are dying.

If you do not work as a team,
it is very hard to reach your goals. Larry Bird, in his autobiography, "Drive", talks about the different Celtics teams that he has played on. The teams that worked together to strengthen each other's weaknesses were the ones that won championships. These were not necessarily the most talented teams. In Tai Kwon Do, you do not advance belts until you help someone else achieve their belt. Welcome to the Dojo.

What Makes Us Different
The Customer is Never Wrong:
There is no corollary here. This rule does not imply that when the customer is right, you are wrong, or even that the customer is always right. No one is always right. It's just that the customer is never wrong and we should never imply that they are, or make them feel that way. Our job is to get the job done and make ALL our customers enjoy the process and be glad that they worked with us.

Do something nice 
for someone else every day.

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