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How the Done Song was Born

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Completed Projects
Completed Systems' preoccupation with completed projects is a constant reminder to our customers, contractors, and associates that we begin projects to finish them successfully.

 Completed projects means that the initial fact-finding is aimed at defining the best possible completion. It means doing all the right things to get the project completed and used.

 We maintain our focus on completed projects through weekly status meetings. We celebrate completion of projects, phases, and tasks. We sing the "done song".


The Done Song is Born
In May of 1995, I was asked to complete a project that no one else could get "done". The project had already taken 6 months and the technicians had decided that it would take at least 4-6 more months of sophisticated C coding and research to see if "current technology" could do what the customer wanted. I felt we could get 90% of the functionality in one month using advanced WordPerfect macros.

 I put together a "done team" of a project manager and a good programmer who had great customer skills. I told everyone that we were going to sing the "done song" every day until the project was complete...which we did. We locked the programmer in a closet with a machine and a WordPerfect manual. The project manager defined and communicated what "done" was and kept us posted on the progress. Three weeks later development was completed using WordPerfect macros and Foxpro. Do you want to sing the "Done Song"?


Done Song Part 2
One of the toughest problems in management is maintaining passion and a commitment to excellence. We found the best solution is emphasizing cheerful completion of your projects.

 Cheerful completion of your projects happens when we set the right example, concentrate on the customer, and complete the projects.

 Cheerful completion of your projects creates trust and a winning work environment with the customer, the users, contractors, and others who have knowledge crucial to the success of the effort. Most importantly, it makes our customers smile.


Doing the Right Things
As Vice President of a computer consulting firm, I was asked to "turn-around" a failing $2,000,000 client relationship. The owner of my company had run out of answers and was willing to lose hundreds of thousands of dollars in back payments and risk a law suit to get out of the problem. The associates had given up.

 I believe "If you do the right things, the right things will happen." I told the new account manager to 1) smile and greet every one when she went to the client's offices 2) take many notes in all meetings 3) never say a bad word about anyone, and 4) see what she could do to complete the project.

 In three weeks, we received our first "Kudo" letter. The projects got completed; we received money for over half of the back payments; the client told me they really appreciated the work we had done and that our project manager was the most "gregarious person they had ever met." Do you need cheerful completion?

 Completed Systems is a woman-owned computer services and management firm offering the unique benefit of cheerful completion of your computer and computer organization projects.


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