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401(k) Systems

In 1990, Specialty Hospital Group, SHG, (a division of National Medical Enterprises) abruptly lost access to the programmer who had developed their 401(k) system. There was an urgent need to fill the void. Due to previous success in developing software for SHG, Anne Crossman was asked to step in and quickly get the system up and running correctly.

The first step was to determine exactly how the system worked and match that functionality against SHG's existing 401(k) plan. Anne asked Jeffrey Fishman to analyze the existing software and put in writing how the system was handling the employee data, while Anne worked with SHG's auditors to understand how their existing 401(k) plan worked.

The next step was to verify that the employee data was correct. Anne and Jeffrey worked with SHG benefits staff to list and review each facility's data. This included creating new reports to look for anomalies in the data and then working with SHG staff at all levels to define how to handle discrepancies.

The third step was to "complete" the system by implementing a list of changes/fixes to the software which Jeffrey programmed. One of the "new" functions that was implemented was the ability for each of the 150 facilities to create their own database on diskette, which was then forwarded to corporate. These separate databases were then integrated into one master file which was used to administer the 401(k) plan.

As a result of Anne and Jeffrey stepping in, SHG went from panic to being able to meet all federal and plan-specific requirements in administering their 401(k) plan. All deadlines were met and all employee contributions were recorded correctly. the following year, the process was easy and painless to administer.

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Automated Testing

Long and Foster had completed initial development of the Agent Case Express (ACE) system. During development, they had purchased an automated testing software package, named SQA Suite, to enhance and expedite their testing efforts. Initial scripts were recorded, but as the software changed, maintaining these scripts became an overwhelming task, which was outside the team's area of expertise. As the system delivery date drew near, the test team's efforts, and subsequently the project, were stalled.

Debbie Curran of Completed Systems was asked to step in, get the existing scripts up to date and create new ones to further test the system. With the deadlines right around the corner, Debbie was able to provide Long & Foster with eighty functional test scripts in a little more than two weeks. These scripts helped to identify and fix many critical issues, some of which had existed for an extended period of time.

With the testing issues resolved, the project team was able to successfully move on to the next phase of the project.

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Client Intake System

For several months the Whitman-Walker Clinic had tried to bring their Client Intake System to completion. Although their existing vendor delivered several releases, they did not resolve the fixes and enhancements that were required to make the system successful. The project was approaching a critical stage.

The Clinic asked us to work with them to see that this project got completed. When we began work, it was uncertain if the system could be completed. That's when Jeffrey Fishman, Senior Completion Consultant, began implementing the completion process. First he worked closely with the Clinic staff to meticulously document, in one place, the corrections and enhancements that were required. He then reviewed this list with the Clinic staff and the vendor. This created a joint understanding but still did not produce completion.

The vendor continued to deliver releases. On testing these releases, it was discovered that enhancements were not implemented correctly and errors existed. A new approach was needed. We asked the vendor to work onsite to see the impact the delays were having. They brought their laptop and worked side by side with us and the users. As a result, the project was successfully completed and in production within 2 weeks.

"We called on Completed Systems to assist us during a difficult and uncertain transitional time. Both internal communication and planning efforts were successful due to the way Completed Systems worked closely with our staff and their sensitivity to our unique organizational requirements."
-- Rosemary O'Rourke, COO, The Whitman-Walker Clinic

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Steelworkers Pension Trust

In 1997, the Steelworkers Pension Trust carefully selected commercial-off-the-shelf software to handle their key data.  After a year and a half of trying to get the vendor to implement the system, the project was one year behind schedule and only 40% done. The Chairman of the organization knew he had a problem that needed to be fixed quickly.
Merrill Lynch, their broker, recommended that they bring in Completed Systems to help.  Our goal was to answer 3 questions:

What is the current status of the project?
What will it take to get it completed?
What other options do they have?

Marilyn Johnston and Jeffrey Fishman spent two weeks on site working with the staff at the Steelworkers Pension Trust and the vendor to evaluate the situation.  At the end of the two weeks, Completed Systems produced a report that answered the questions and provided innovative ways to get to completion.  The Chairman was pleased to have the information that he needed to confidently move forward to successful project completion.

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Successful Conversions

  In 1998, Long & Foster was in the process of implementing new HR and Payroll systems to replace their older legacy systems. The new systems needed to continue to accurately determine 401(k) eligibility and seamlessly send contribution data to the 401(k) fund administrator. It was important that all of the required data be converted correctly the first time.

Long & Foster asked Jeffrey Fishman of Completed Systems to analyze their legacy systems and to document the retirement plan process so the conversion process would go smoothly. Their legacy systems ran on an HP3000 and were written in Quiz, QTP, and COBOL. These systems were moving to an SQL Server based system. Without prior knowledge of Quiz, QTP or COBOL, Jeffrey was able to examine the existing programs and document the legacy systems.

The analysis revealed a critical error. The initial conversion plan had only taken into account converting the current year of data. In order to properly determine eligibility, 4 years of historical payroll data were needed. The conversion plan was quickly modified to move 4 years of data and a costly mistake was avoided.

The conversion was completed correctly the first time and the system was ready according to schedule.

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UNISYS MarkeTrak System

The Unisys Marketing Department needed the ability to access and update sales data over the Internet from any location. They decided to develop MarkeTrak, an Internet-based system that the sales people and managers could use to track opportunities from the initial lead through contract award. In the middle of development, the original vendor suddenly became unavailable, along with the source code.  A team from Completed Systems was asked to rescue the project.
Completed Systems worked backwards to define the requirements from screen pictures of the original system. After reviewing the requirements with the customer, a design was developed that would provide the customer with the system they wanted. Our developer used Visual Basic and SQL Server to program the system, because these tools have the ability to easily interface with the Internet.
As each part of the system was completed, it was reviewed with the customer for approval. Not only did this confirm the system worked as the customer needed it to, it assured the customer that this project would be successfully completed. The system has been thoroughly tested and is now ready for implementation.
This system will reduce Unisysís cost of managing marketing significantly. They are looking forward to using the MarkeTrak System to connect their sales efforts over the web. 

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USGS Website

The United States Geological Survey (USGS) was developing a website that would allow users to view worldwide maps over the Internet.  These mineral resource data maps allow users to zoom in for greater detail. When the contractor doing the work delivered incomplete software with parts not working, the USGS began to wonder if the system could be completed at all.  As a last resort, they asked Completed Systems for help.

Jim Rohrbach, Senior Completion Specialist and Java Guy, came in to do the work. Jimís sole focus was to complete the project quickly. He began by assessing the situation and clarifying the requirements. Next, he documented the system using a visual modeling tool. In addition to the technical work, Marilyn Johnston, Vice President of Completed Systems, provided Project Management. In an effort to boost the customer's confidence and insure that they got their needs met, Marilyn implemented weekly Status Meetings and weekly Status Reports.  In 6 weeks, they were able to complete Phase I of the project.

Customers of the USGS can now access information from the USGS database, (maps and demographic data), over the Internet.  The USGS was so happy with Completed Systemsí work that they are looking forward to starting Phase II of the project in March. They are confident that, with Completed Systemsí help, they will be able to get the system they need the first time.

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Make your web dreams come true!

Long & Foster needed to find an easy and cost effective way to create individual websites for all of it's 5,500 real estate agents. Their deadline was short; they had committed to announcing the availability of the websites, with samples, at an upcoming manager's meeting. They asked Completed Systems for help.

Corrina Hagan, Completed System's Producer of Web Design and Development, was tasked with the challenge of designing five different templates, with different "looks", from which the agents could create their own websites. She used her web design experience and artistic talents to come up with styles that were unique. The Information Services Department was thrilled to find that all of the completed templates were easy to adapt to an agent's needs, were technically robust and contained all of the critical information necessary for selling real estate.

Within 4 weeks, Corrina had refined the designs so that the agents could log onto Long & Foster's intranet and view their templates online. The IS Department has received rave reviews and the agents are very excited to be "on the net." In fact, one agent was so impressed with the template that she replaced her existing website (that cost ere thousands of dollars) with the Long & Foster template.

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