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Completion Consulting: 
Your personal expert.
On-site help to complete your computer projects.

Completion Strategy and Planning:
This service starts with our Checklist for Completion and lays out a strategy and plan for completing your new and existing projects successfully.

Only those who attempt the absurd can attain the impossible

For Computer Organizations and Firms
Computer Services/Groups Creation:
This service provides definition, planning, implementation, and recruiting for the creation of your new computer group or computer service within your organization.

Computer Group Turn-Arounds:
911 for computer group productivity, morale, and customer satisfaction.

Computer Group Interim Leadership (organization, program, and project level):
Need someone experienced in leading computer groups or organizations in a tight situation? Call us.

What Makes Us Different
IT Vendor Management: 
Are you getting the best productivity out of your vendors? Do you enjoy your relationship with them? Are you working with so many vendors, you are not sure exactly what you are getting? This service defines your vendor goals, creates a strategy and plan for obtaining those goals, and then implements them.

Program Turn-Arounds:
Emergency help for incomplete programs.

Project Turn-Arounds:
Emergency help for incomplete projects.

On-Site Services 
(all staff is trained to complete projects)
Program Planning, Management & Implementation
Project Planning, Management, and Implementation
Systems Analysis and Design
Systems Development

We are a woman-owned small business dedicated to the art, science, and implementation of the completion of computer projects and computer organization projects. We are your insurance when you need to have it done right the first time, or absolutely have to get an existing computer or computer organization project completed. 

Studies show that the average MIS development project is one year late and 100% over budget! You don't need to be a statistic. We can help! 

What did you do the last time you had to complete a difficult project? What are you doing now to make your current projects succeed? How is your organization helping you complete projects? How often do you get it done right the first time? 

To get your projects completed 
contact Anne Crossman, at Completed Systems, Inc.

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