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We envision a world where software is completed on time, in budget and with a smile on everyone’s face. Sound impossible…keep reading.

If computer projects give you a headache, you are not alone. The statistics for successful software development are dismal. Depending on the statistics you use, somewhere between 16-20% of software development projects are finished on time, in budget to minimal level of customer satisfaction. Of the projects that are not completed, 31% are canceled before they are completed. In an over $400 billion industry that is $124 billion in canceled projects.
Only those who attempt the absurd can attain the impossible


Let the Revolution Begin!

We are proud to be leaders in the Completion Revolution.

The inability of the industry to successfully complete software development projects on time is, in fact, the industry’s biggest problem.  Incompletion is costly, demoralizing and has crippled companies who did not have their technical advantage available when they needed it. Yet no one has stepped up to the plate to solve this widespread problem. 

So why did we?

Through innovation and a revolutionary look at how to develop software, we have been uniquely able to find ways to complete computer projects where others have failed. Our customers will affirm that our “Completion Process” works, whether you are completing an existing difficult project or developing a critical one from scratch.

Every day we continue our Revolution to improve the “Completion Percentage”…a project at a time.


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