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The best way to complete your projects is: Do it right the first time. Completed Systems cheerfully completes your computer projects on time and within budget. We team with your people, our people, and "their" people to ensure the success of your company's projects
Only those who attempt the absurd can attain the impossible

How We Got Started 
by Anne Crossman, President 
In November of 1995 one of my clients told me why another vendor did not finish their project on time...again. This time there was a new reason, with the same result; more money required and no system. After 15 years of working in computers, I knew that throwing more money at the problem would not complete the project. (Eight months later, they still do not have their system.) I decided to take action and Completed Systems, Inc. was born. 

Completed Systems' sole purpose is to cheerfully complete your computer and computer organization projects. Our people are experienced in the full life cycle of computer systems. We have done everything from data entry to design to growing and running a computer organization. Here's why we think completion is the reason to start a project.

Why Focus on Completion?
Focusing on a successful completion from the start is the best way to ensure you get what you want when you want it. Completion is the key to getting the best value for the dollar.

Incomplete or "problem" computer projects are a top money waster. Think about it... how much money have you spent or lost on computer projects that were not used or had to be replaced in less than a year?

Too often completing the project becomes a forgotten priority. Completing the project is the reason for doing business.

Who defines completion? It is always the customer... and there is a lot we can do to help the customer reach a successful completion b working with them before a project starts and while the project is under way.

The focus of all our work has been serving customers. This is the only way we know to complete computer projects successfully. Based on experience in completing systems on mainframes, minis, and PC's, serving the customer and focusing on completion are key to successful computer projects and computer organizations.

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